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Challenge is a word that is familiar throughout the Detroit Metropolitan area for most Michiganians today, not to mention the entire nation.  Ever since the downsizing of the state's industrial might, there has been a dramatic change in the custom automotive world in Michigan.  So as you can imagine, custom shops in the Detroit Metro area are suffering big time and now need to come up with ways to keep their doors open.  So I spent an entire day at the KBW shop, to see exactly what they're doing to counter the economy's affects.  This is what I've gathered...


Their four main focuses are: Quality, Reputation, Attitude and Kreativity.


No matter what they do, whether it's automotive detailing - wheeling out a car or a frame-up build, quality is of their utmost importance (as it should be).  With everyone stretching their dollar as far as it can go, a little mistake in a job can be like salt to a wound.  Both owners of KBW are life long auto-body specialist. Decades worth of experience is what gives KBW the upper hand it needs to stand out among all of the wanna-be shops out there claiming they can do a better job for less the cost.  Let's just put it this way, "You get what you pay for."  They follow code, don't cut corners, and have to meet the quality standards of premium insurance companies.  It doesn't end there, even when it comes to their customer's online experience, meticulousness and mandatory routine updates account for majority of their success. You can always find a new customer ride, Ride of the Month, car show coverage, or an updated look at current projects.  It's a very intimate online experience @


Now with quality comes reputation.  To maintain their reputation, they make sure they stay up to date with the latest paint methods, certifications, and custom trends. Keep their customers and fans updated on Facebook with cool happenings around the shop. KBW has not only a reputation to build wicked rod's & customs, but also put on a great show. If you've heard of Draggin' Detroit & Motorcity Slam Jam, they're the guys who bring the crowds, bands, bikinis, and good times!  If you were at either show last year you'll notice the organization and strategic deployment of activities and contests.  2011 - Kreative Body Werks past on the Draggin' Detroit & Motorcity Slamjam torch so they can focus on the reputation of their passion - bringing customer's dreams to life. As the recession starts to crumble, the planning of a new and much more exciting show will start to form.


Attitude is everything when you're in this business.  Maintaining your cool when times are tough and staying level headed when approached with challenges are what'll get you through the day.  Well...that and an ice cold rag over your head or a Mexican spigot bath when it's 110 degrees outside! Being an optimist or pessimist can also waver a business's productivity.   Is the glass half full....or half empty?  When I was hanging with the Kreative crew, it was one hot and humid day! In fact if I remember correctly, it set Michigan temperate records that day. They could have EASILY turned around at lunch time....locked the doors....load up the impala and hit the beach.  But that's not how a successful business is ran.  "We have customers expecting their vehicles to be complete on a set date. We can't afford to disappoint because it was 'too hot'.  Even if we only get a little done, it's better than getting NOTHING done."


Pushing the creativity envelop is something that custom shops try to do all the time.  At times it can really make or break a vehicle.  Too much can kill it and too little just doesn't stand out.  Kreative Body Werks recently completed a 1966 Chevy Nova II, that sports a real industrial style and appeal.  From a two tone metallic silver and gun metal satin finish, to brushed sheet metal door panels to give that real Motorcity cold-steel feel.  Two other completed jobs you need to look into are the 1963 Chevy Impala as pictured below and the KBW September 2010 Ride of the Month - 1994 s-10.  Both projects are built to perfection, taking into consideration not too goober things up, keep what you can - simple, and offering something to the public that they don't see very much of!


Modifying timeless pieces like the Ford Model T four door sedan aka "The Gasser" project as seen on Motor City Motors - to modern-everyday vehicles.  If you're looking for a shop that can not only build badass custom vehicles, but also repair them from vandalism or accidents, these are the guys to go to.  They know their stuff, consider the customer's budget, and put a lot of passion into their work.  Other businesses that are making it by the skin of their teeth need to take notes and watch what Kreative Body Werks is doing to stay on top.  QUality, reputation, a positive attitude and pumpin' out the kreativity is what it's all about.  When the economy bounces back... Two words...


Watch out.


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Click here for more photos and stay tuned for the Chevy Nova II Vehicle Feature video and photo gallery!







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