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Beatin' tha Streetz

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Simple is the name of the game, says Kenny Small from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  We're right there with you brotha!  As great as it is to see a truck that has $30k+ invested into a combination of interior, suspension, wheels, sounds, and snazzy paint modifications; it's even better to see a ride actually finished and done right.  Kenny's 2003 Silverado is what he calls, "underkill."


Just before the Silverado, Kenny had an '01 Sierra that only needed bags and a body-drop to finish it off, but he saw the truck he always pictured driving in his mind, for sale by David Adams and for a price he couldn't pass up.  To top it all off, it only has 40k on the odometer and doesn't cost an arm and a leg to keep gassed up.  Anyone willing to pass this deal because they are bent on the "Built not Bought" methodology, is one stubborn SOB, but to each their own!


Underkill - is the term Kenny uses when describing his truck to someone and this is how he sums it up.


It's the simplest truck ever. Simple bag setup that works awesome, simple audio setup that sounds awesome, and simple wheels that look awesome!

The suspension in the rear is an adjustable 2-link with bag on bar and Watts link. Now, some have their opinions about 2-link suspensions, but... if it's built right with quality parts and rides like a Cadillac - we say roll that mother'!!!  Up front, the Silvy sports some Choppin' Block upper & lower control arms, custom tie rods and Moog ball joints.

Everything on the exterior is color matched to a silver and black color scheme. The tails are tinted, it has clear headlamps, 12K HIDs, a billet grille, full sheet-metal bed and the only thing shaved is the rollpan; to keep it simple. It is bodied over some billet Centerline 22's that are wrapped up in Dunlap Sportmaxx rubbers.


The interior is suede from head to toe, with Corbeau bucket seats, huge racing lap belts, and a custom dash.  The dash as you may have noticed is pretty cut and dry, featuring just a couple of air gauges.  So, your probably wondering how he knows how fast he's going; Kenny says, "I have an app for that." The sounds in this truck are amazing and you wouldn't believe your ears if we told you it was produced by only 2 speakers and a sub. The speakers in the doors are Kicker SS 65.2's and are powered by a Kicker zx450.2 amp, those are complimented by a 12" Kicker CVX in a custom center console box and is powered by a Kicker zx1500.1 amp, and a ton of Dynamat! That's it!  Also, the wheels, pedals window cranks and shifter were provided by Billet Specialties.


So as we said before, simple is the name of the game and Kenny's Silverado is runnin' the field! For those of you that are on a budget, it's very possible to build something just as nice. With a bit of planning, saving, and patience... it's as good as yours! Know what you want, always go with quality parts, and don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to fabrication. Your life may depend on it!



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